Traditional aluminum rod production process

     Traditional aluminum rod production process electrical round aluminum rod
Electrical aluminum conductors are generally made of pure industrial aluminum with low silicon content. Electrical aluminum conductors are mainly used in the cable industry:
A. Overhead wire, bare aluminum stranded wire or steel-core aluminum stranded wire shall be used for power transmission and distribution.
B. The conductor core of wires and cables shall be made of soft or semi-soft aluminum wires. The properties of aluminum conductor are mainly determined by the materials used and the processing technology used in hot working.

aluminum ingots, reheat the ingot temperature 450-500 ℃ on the rolling mill rolling into the back line diameter after 9. Omm aluminum rod. China's aluminum bar standard (jb 656-68 >) in the 1960s was developed under this traditional process. Only for aluminum rod standard its strength, sigma is not less than 83.46 N/mm and elongation of the delta is not less than] is no requirement for electrical conductivity, requires only a hard line of aluminum rod control conductive rate of not less than 59.45% IACS, namely 20 ℃ zero resistivity mouth rho no greater than 0.0290 mm/m Ω obviously, this standard can not meet the needs of the production of the current aluminum rod, aluminum wire. In view of the fact that cable products have higher and higher requirements on conductors and aluminum rod production process has basically adopted continuous casting and rolling instead of traditional rolling method, China has formulated a reasonable new aluminum rod standard (gb3954-83).

Aluminum wire for overhead conductors, whose conductivity shall not be less than 61%IACS, and its mechanical strength shall be strictly regulated. The actual production of aluminum rod conductivity and strength are often contradictory. Demand more of the former, and the latter may fall short. How to resolve the contradiction between conductivity and strength under certain conditions will be one of the contents of this chapter.

Semisoft or soft round (fan) shaped aluminium wire formed by annealing hard wire. Soft aluminum fan wire can be made into finished products by continuous casting and rolling machine or extruded by aluminum extruder.